Honey Loops is a cereal made by Kellogg's and sold in Sweden, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, the UK, India, Spain, Malta, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. The mascot for Honey Loops is a male bee called Loopy, who has now been replaced by a female bee called Pops (primarily as the mascot for Honey Pops). The cereal was originally marketed as Honey Nit Loops, however the Nut has since been dropped from the name and list of ingredients in 1998. The commercials for the original product mention the "crunchy nuts" it used to contain. In Brazil, Argentina and Chile the cereal is marketed as Honey Nutos. In Italy, France and Spain the cereal is marketed as Miel Pops and it has another version as honey-balls. In Austria, the cereal is marketed as Honey Bsss Loops.